Transitional Care

Step Down Placements from Residential to Fostering

  • Positive, cost-effective transitional placements
  • Continuity of health and education services
  • Team approach
  • Breaks cycles of placement breakdown
  • Improved outcomes
  • Long-term stability

Working closely with our Fostering Agency, Education Services, Therapy Services and Partner Local Authorities, ECS have developed an effective model of transitional care that ensures children and young people can move on from residential care to family settings at the earliest opportunity and with the greatest chance of success.


The model facilitates effective transition planning that includes continuity of wraparound services in respect of education and health, leading to longer term family placement stability for children and young people who have historically experienced multiple placement breakdowns.


During the residential element of the care plan, children and young people benefit from a structured team approach whilst being assisted to better understand and process their emotions, thereby reducing levels of disruptive behaviour through more effective self-regulation.


In consultation with all stakeholders, transition plans back to the family home or to foster care are carefully managed and timed to best suit the young person’s individual needs and emotional progress.


Whilst transitional care arrangements can be made available to any child or young person requiring a period of stabilisation, we also offer specialist residential provisions for the pre-adolescent age group (8 to11). Younger children living in care all too often experience successive family placement breakdowns, leading to significant attachment disorders and poor levels of self-esteem, self-worth and resilience. Choosing residential care as a positive option early in a young person’s journey through care, rather than a last resort when all else has failed, can greatly improve the child’s chances of long-term stability in a family environment, leading to positive outcomes whilst they remain in care and later in adult life.


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