Residential Care

Specialist Homes meeting a range of complex needs

  • 14 Registered Children's Homes
  • Specialist Single Gender Homes
  • Specialist Pre-Adolescent Services
  • DfE Registered Education
  • Assessment & Therapy Services

Residential Children's Homes

ECS currently operate 14 registered children’s homes caring for children and young people with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties and/or mild to moderate learning difficulties. Each home specialises in a specific range of needs and works in close consultation with education, health and therapy specialists to ensure individualised packages of care can be tailored to meet each young person’s holistic needs.


All of our homes provide a model of care based upon positive parenting and unconditional positive regard, where mutually trusting relationships can develop within a framework of fair, consistent and socially acceptable boundaries. Our aim is to ensure all childen and young people live in a safe, positive environment, whilst being supported to develop good levels of self-esteem, resilience and self-identity, in readiness for a return to the family home, foster care or a positive transition into adult life and independent living.

Transitional Care (Residential to Fostering)

Working closely with our Fostering Agency, Support Services and Partner Local Authorities, ECS have developed a successful model of cost effective transitional care that ensures, when appropriate, children and young people can move on from residential care to family settings at the earliest opportunity. The model ensures effective transition planning that includes continuity in respect of education, health and therapy services, leading to longer term family placement stability for children and young people who have historically experience multiple placement breakdowns.

DfE Registered Education at Primary and Secondary Levels

All of our children’s homes are fully supported by DfE registered specialist schools at both primary and secondary levels. Children and young people residing with ECS, who are not able to access mainstream education, are usually eligible for a DfE registered education placement at one of our provisions, whether or not they have an EHCP.


Our schools are all DfE registered and deliver education to GCSE level in the core subject areas, together with alternative curriculums and a range of vocational subjects.

Assessment & Therapy

Children and young people residing with ECS have access to assessment and therapy services that cover a broad spectrum of disciplines and therapy mediums that include creative therapies such as art, music, drama, equine and play, together with psychotherapy, CBT, systemic therapy and counselling.

To make a referral or discuss any aspect of our service, please call us on 01843 823762 or email us directly from here.

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