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Below are a selection of testimonials from childcare professionals, parents and young people. All testimonials have been anonymised for reasons of privacy and confidentiality. If you have experience of working with us, or have used our services in any capacity, we would love to receive your feedback.


At Ethelbert Children's Services we strive for perfection but are never complacement. If you have any suggestions as to how we could improve any aspect of our service, please contact us directly from here.

Independent Reviewing Officer


I find the quality of care provided at Ethelbert to be consistently excellent. There is good care and warmth towards children by staff. There is consistent routine and clear and consistent boundary set which helps children to feel secure and settled and cared for.


With a child currently placed, they have established excellent rapport with him, engaged him well in education and activities and reduced the risk of absconding and offending to practically zero.


They use praise and rewards well which has helped the child to understand the consequences of his behaviour in a positive way.


I really like Harold House and the dedication of staff at care home as well as in education.


With thanks


A**** K****

Independent Reviewing Officer

London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham

Allocated Social Worker


The standard of care is very good… excellent support to involve C**** as much as possible in the plans for his placement… excellent range of activities provided…keyworker knows the child well and has been very supportive with contact arrangements.


Communication is excellent. The home is excellent at involving and welcoming parents as well as professionals.


J**** C****

Allocated Social Worker

London Borough of Hounslow

Youth Justice, Practice Manager


Within the last two years there have been meetings between local residential care providers, YOS and magistrates representing the Youth Bench. Ethelbert Homes have supported this with enthusiasm, and hosted the most recent event themselves.


This has led to improved relationships between the homes and magistrates based on mutual learning about roles and responsibilities, leading to comments from the magistrates that they appreciate positive improvements and in particular the opportunity to hear more from home managers about the work that they do with young people.


A form devised by YOS to ensure that young people who are looked after come to court with full information about them was adopted immediately by Ethelbert Homes, and this too has led to more effective joint working and provision of essential information to the court in a timely manner when young people do appear in court.


P**** R****

Practice Manager, Youth Justice, KIASS - Thanet & Canterbury



We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for the kindness you have given to P****.  When P**** when to Durham House at the beginning we were very worried for him, how he would overcome being away from his family and home but after the second visit we knew that you would take care of him very well and that was a great relief for us.  That belief has never been broken to the end of his stay with you at Durham House.


Your help, professional handling, understanding, your friendship is commendable and credit to your profession and your employer and we know that you will carry on with this professional care whatever child is in your care.  P**** being in your care has become stronger in his outlook and understanding to other people.  You have given him more strength and understanding to go to the next stage of his life.


Every time we have visited him you have made us very welcome, also we could see how you have cared for him as he was happy and fun loving boy could be.  Yes, we do know that there were times where P**** misbehaved, it was not easy for you but he also knew that you were there for him and got him out of those problems.  We would like to thank you all again, we will never forget you.  How you looked after him even on the last day of his stay with you.  We know that P**** in his way will never forget you.


As a team of professionals you should be proud of yourselves.


Once again, big thank you for how you took care of P****.


With fond regards and wish you well.


A***, D**** and S**** S****


Education Professional


I am writing to you to inform you of the appreciation and thanks that we extend to B**** S**** and M**** G**** and all staff at Royal Oak House.


M**** S**** attended St Anthony’s School throughout his secondary education and is now leaving us to continue his Post-16 education at Hadlow College, Canterbury.  M**** benefitted from having consistency from B**** and M**** which allowed them to build up a very close working relationship with St Anthony’s School staff.  It is unfortunately rare for a pupil to have the same Home Manager and Key Worker throughout their time with us and this undoubtedly has contributed to the success that M**** enjoyed here at school.


M**** was supported at every Personal Education Plan Meeting, Annual Review of his Statement, Teacher Consultations and numerous school functions.  I am aware of many occasions when M**** has attended with M**** even when it did not fall on one of his working days.


M**** worked tirelessly with M**** last summer to ensure he could master travelling to and from school independently for his last year at school and with much celebration this was achieved.  M**** travelled many journeys with M**** and then cautiously stepped back to allow him to complete his route alone.


M****’s maturity was evident in many areas of his life and it was wonderful to witness him at his last meeting at school… participating and contributing fully, such a vast difference to the times when he was in and out of the room, hiding under his clothing and calling out from afar.


I believe that M****’s progress both academically, socially and emotionally has been due to the consistent support from the professionals that have surrounded him and in particular M**** and B****.


Yours sincerely


L**** G****

Pupil Welfare Manager - responsibility for Children in Care

St. Anthony's School

Young Person


Dear C**** M*******


My name is Y***** H****** I live at Micawber House. This is my first time being in care. I have been at Micawber House for 2 years and 3 months. It is really nice there the staff are amazing. I never thought being in care could change me but it has. It’s the best thing that ever happened to me. Sad to think I will be leaving in June. I just wanted to say a Big thank you to everyone that has helped me


Y**** H****

Young Person - Northamptonshire

Allocated Social Worker


L**** receives a good standard of care at Hillview.


Staff are tuned in to L****’s emotional and social needs… all L****’s needs are being met… L****’s social and emotional development has improved greatly since being at Hillview… we receive weekly updates via email and phone calls when needed.


All staff are caring and kind to L****… I feel the service offered to L**** is very good – gives him the opportunity to develop in a safe place, surrounded by people who care.


Allocated Social Worker


Letter of Recommendation


Hello P****


The setting is very different from the usual residential unit. It’s quite small and a traditional seaside style house. The staff are very welcoming and nothing is too much trouble- meetings, support for contact, visits to unit and to LA settings. As it is small they get to know the young people very quickly. There is great honesty with the way in which they see and work with young people and they will keep in touch and ask consent if required. There is a lot of emotional warmth and parents, carers and professionals are welcomed. They look for activities for young people that really meet their needs. As they are also all local people and very mature in their professional approach, they are not surprised or shocked with anything.


The young person I had at Llee House... has now moved back to a local foster family (within Ethelbert Agency). It was something that we had thought would have taken much longer but K**** and his team worked very hard with real dedication and support and have achieved an excellent outcome for this young person.


I recommend this provision and if I can provide any further information, please contact me.






K**** K****

Team Manager, LAC

Hammersmith & Fulham

Independent Reviewing Officer


Dear L****


I would wish to commend you and your staff for the comprehensive report completed for this young person LAC review. It was greatly refreshing to have such a detailed report.

 It is important to acknowledge good practice and I felt this appraisal is warranted. Well done.


Kindest regards


F**** B****

Independent Reviewing Officer and Safeguarding Manager

West Ipswich & South East Suffolk

During the current pandemic there are understandable concerns around children residing in social care and the ability of social care organisations to provide continuity of service.


Based on all available government advice and guidance, and following a review of our current resources, Ethelbert Children’s Services have shared a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan (BCP) with each of its local authority partners and relevant regulatory bodies.


At this time, we do not foresee any significant difficulties in providing ongoing residential care and/or fostering services.


As new information and guidance becomes available, will be reviewing our BCP and updating our partners accordingly.


Should you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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