Welcome to The Old Priory School

DFE Reg; 886/6076

Suzie Howson - Head Teacher

The staff at The Old Priory School are committed to the Academic, Social and Emotional development of every student in the school. We work closely with students to help them overcome their barriers to learning and we ensure that students have all the support and guidance they need so they can achieve their full potential.


The philosophy of our school is to work in partnership with parents and carers so that we have a consistent approach to learning and the development of emotional intelligence. A whole school approach means students are encouraged to build positive relationships with each other and with staff. We focus on developing self-awareness, self-regulation and communication skills to empower our students to communicate in a more positive and productive way. By building positive self-concept our students are better able to overcome their barriers to learning.


Our school provides safe environments, structure and routines that young people thrive in. We practice positive re-enforcement; we praise and reward the small steps of progress that each student makes. Our school includes a team of dedicated professionals that teach and support our young people to make progress in all areas of their development.

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