Ethelbert Fostering Services

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Supportive, family owned agency
  • In-house education, health and therapy Services
  • Comprehensive 24/7  professional support
  • More than 40 years experience
  • Contractual partnerships with more than 60 local authorities

Ethelbert Fostering provides foster care and support services to children and young people in Kent, South East London and Essex.


The agency is a fully integrated with Ethelbert Children’s Services and benefits from the professional support and specialist services the wider organisation can provide, whilst retaining the personal touch of a smaller, independent, family enterprise.


At Ethelbert Fostering, we fully recognise the importance of developing supportive, trusting two-way relationships and place enormous value on the contribution foster carers make. To ensure we achieve this, supervising social workers are carefully selected for their people skills, empathy and developmental abilities as well as their social work credentials and experience.


Caseloads are capped at realistic levels to ensure each of our foster carers and the children they look after have first-class, personalised support as and when they need it, not just when it can be fitted in to a demanding, overstretched schedule.


Unlike many fostering agencies, Ethelbert Fostering is not wholly reliant upon public health and education services to ensure the children we care for can access support in these areas. As the agency is directly affiliated to ECS specialist education and health support services, we can guarantee access to specialist schooling and appropriate therapeutic support as soon as it is required. Specialist support services can be provided either as a bridging measure to ensure continuity of support, or as longer term, holistic care planning solutions.


We are currently expanding our pool of foster carers across Kent, including Canterbury, Dover, Deal, Ashford, Maidstone, Faversham, Thanet, Herne Bay and Whitstable.


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