Additional Support

SEN, EAL and Speech & Language Therapy

At The Old Priory School we have a dedicated Special Needs Co-ordinator who ensures students have every opportunity to fully access the curriculum by:

  • Providing advice, training and support to all staff
  • Ensuring that appropriate individual Education Plans are in place and implemented
  • Maintaining good communication with parents, carers and other professionals
  • Ensuring that relevant information about students is collated, recorded and updated


We also have an experienced teacher who is an EAL specialist and again, is able to support students and advise teachers and support staff of a range of methods to enable students to access the curriculum.


We have a qualified and experienced Speech and Language Therapist who works closely with the SENCO, staff and students. This specialist works on a one to one or small group basis with students who have communication difficulties. Through these support structures students are encouraged to overcome their barriers to learning.

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