Encouraging Individuality


Diverse & Differentiated Curriculum


At The Davenport School, we offer a diverse curriculum designed to enable us to meet the needs of all our students.


We follow the key objectives within the Literacy and Numeracy National Curriculum on a daily basis, and pupils are challenged and supported to enable them to reach their full potential. All lessons are made fun and interactive with a key focus of being student led.  In the afternoons we teach a variety of topic lessons  such as geography, history, art and D&T via practical activities where possible, and using different genres to allow all children to showcase their talents and interests; this is also in conjunction with literacy to enable all learning styles to be met.  We also encourage more physical and practical topics such as PE and PSHE giving the children the opportunities to experience a wide range of topics throughout the week.


Individual timetables


All pupils receive additional support in areas of the curriculum that they may find a challenge. This includes intensive phonics, handwriting, daily reading, and numeracy programmes.


We have a good staff pupil ratio allowing all Davenport School pupils to receive the support they need to make progress both socially and academically.


The Davenport School can also access Ethelbert Children’s Service Vocational Centre for extra-curricular activities in both art/craft and vocational activities.

The Davenport School Curriculum Overview 2019 - 2020
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