Diverse & Differentiated Curriculum


At The Davenport School we offer a diverse curriculum to enable us to meet the needs of our students. A full curriculum is in place and all pupils are challenged and supported to enable them to reach their full potential. Lessons are made fun and interactive with a key focus of being student led.


Individual Timetables


All pupils receive additional support on areas of the curriculum that they may find a challenge. This includes intensive phonics, handwriting, reading and numeracy programmes.


National recognised qualifications


A new addition to the curriculum is the introduction of ASDAN New Horizons qualification.  Pupils’ build a portfolio of evidence covering a range of different topics including: Personal, Social, Health, Citizenships, and Relationships.


Teaching Support


We have a high staff pupil ratio. All Davenport pupils receive the support they need to make progress.


Vocational & Extra Curricular Activities


The Davenport school also access Ethelbert Children’s Service vocational centre for extra-curricular activities in both art/craft and vocational activities.  

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