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Our school provides a wraparound pastoral care system where all staff are skilled at providing the support that young people with difficulties need.


At The Old Priory School we have a whole school approach to Social and Emotional Aspects of learning. This means that we work hard to develop positive relationships with our young people.


We believe that the quality of the relationships students build with the adults around them are key to their success, we ensure that students feel listened to and their needs understood.


We know that all adults working with young people should model the kind of behaviours we wish to see in our students. This means that adults work in a calm and positive manner, they use praise and rewards as a means to changing negative behaviours. Students are encouraged to recognise and talk about their feelings and staff teach them a range of strategies for expressing their feelings in a constructive way.


As well as teaching staff, support staff, SENCO and a Speech and Language Therapist, we also have a pastoral manager that oversees the pastoral care of both the primary school and the secondary school site. We also offer a range of counselling services through Ethelbert Children Services.

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