Pastoral Care

Encouraging Individuality

Our school provides a wraparound care system where all staff are skilled at providing the support that children with additional difficulties need.


At The Davenport School, we have a child centred approach to social and emotional learning. We understand how important it is to develop positive relationships with our children and to ensure the quality of these relationships are at the core of every child’s success.  With a solid and secure base in school children are much more likely to want to attend school and extend their learning.


We want our students to feel listened to, so that we can understand and meet their needs and we offer all pupils the chance to talk to any member of staff when they feel the need, and all pupils have the opportunity to take time out of a room, or a situation when the need arises. 


The Davenport School staff work in a calm, positive manner and role model the kind of behaviours they want to see in the students. Praise and reward is used to encourage a change from negative behaviour. The students are encouraged to recognise and talk about their feelings and staff help students to develop ways in which they can express themselves in a constructive and positive way.


As a school, we want to ensure that our children have the best possible chance of overcoming any barriers to learning that they may have and of being successful in every aspect of their lives.   To help this we are also using the Empowerment Approach across our school.  The Empowerment Approach teaches children  about how their brains work so that it will help them to overcome difficulties and become independent and motivated learners.  As the practise becomes embedded in school, so the children will be able to take more control over their actions and decisions, and staff will be able to help them find solutions and learning styles to facilitate their needs further, therefore ensuring that we are able to help the children build a solid and secure basis to build their learning and their behvaiours upon.

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