Balmoral House

Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties (Boys)

  • Registered: 2001
  • Registered Places: 3
  • Age Group: 8-14
  • Gender: Boys
  • DfE Education: Yes
  • Assessment/Therapy: Yes
  • Step Down Placements: Yes
  • Staff Ratio: 2:3

Balmoral House - A 'Good' Children's Home


"A well led , small, and cohesive staff team has provided the children with stability and security throughout the ever changing landscape of the pandemic . The children have remained settled and have continued to make progress and meet the challenges of their emerging independ ence and need for their own identity.

The children have maintained and further developed their aspirations for the future and have remained engaged in their learning and vocational activities.They speak about their home and the adults who care for them with affection and attachment One child said, This is my home; this is where I belong Another child said, I am really happy here and don't want to be anywhere else....


The children talk about what they think and feel and what their wishes are because staff listen to them and care about them. The children invest in their personal spaces, and in the running of the home. They expres s a sense of belonging and permanence. The children feel free to ask if close friends can visit the home and join in mealtimes on special and other occasions"

Ofsted Inspection - May 2021 - Full report available by request

Residential Care

Balmoral House is registered to provide residential care to three boys aged between 8 and 14. However, we will restrict the age range appropriately at the time of each vacancy to ensure effective matching with the other young people sharing the home.


The primary focus of Balmoral House is to work with younger boys who have experienced multiple previous placement breakdowns and/or childhood trauma and are in need a period of emotional stability and professional intervention. Placement goals are often a phased return to the family home or a family foster placement. In some cases, it is deemed by the professionals with case responsibility that a young person will have their needs better met in a residential placement on a longer-term basis. This may be due to the young person not wishing to make the emotional investment necessary in a foster placement, or that their presenting concerns would be too demanding for a foster carer to manage on a 24/7 basis.


No matter what goals are identified in individual care plans, the aim of the home is to provide a safe, nurturing environment in which children and young people can maximise their full potential.


Balmoral House is located close to Margate's popular harbour area, family beaches, parks and coastal paths, providing a range of local age appropriate amenities and activity opportunities for children and young people throughout the year.


The staff team at Balmoral House are experienced in working with children and young people presenting with a range of social, emotional and behavioural difficulties (SEBD) and adopt a positive re-parenting approach, focussing on the development of mutually trusting and respectful relationships, together with unconditional positive regard for the staff team and young people alike. The team have a developed understanding of behaviour being a form of communication and employ strategies to identify the underlying reasons for behaviour so that it can be modified accordingly.


The home is directly affiliated to both our DfE registered, specialist SEBD schools: The Davenport Primary School and The Old Priory Secondary School.


The respective school and the home work in close partnership to ensure continuity in respect of learning support, achieving developmental goals and behaviour management.


The Davenport School (Key Stage 2: 7-11yrs) offers a differentiated curriculum in order to meet the individual learning needs of each young person. The school operates with small group settings where children are closely supported and supervised by a qualified teacher and learning support assistants.


The Old Priory School (Key Stages 3 & 4: 11 – 16yrs) offers the national curriculum allowing for GCSE study in essential subject areas, alongside alternative, differentiated curriculums, including ASDAN and City & Guilds NPTC vocational awards, both of which lead to nationally recognised qualifications.

Assessment & Therapy

Children and young people residing in our care have access to a range of assessment and therapy services including:

  • Psychological Assessment
  • Psychotherapy
  • Systemic Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Speech & Language Therapy
  • Equine Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Drama Therapy
  • Art Therapy
  • Play Therapy

All therapy referrals are overseen by the organisation’s dedicated Therapy Services Manager in consultation with the allocated social worker and other key stakeholders as appropriate.


Our assessment and therapy services are an inclusive element of our residential care provision and attract no additional funding requirement.

Health Support

In addition to our therapy services and panel of consultants, each of our homes have direct access to a health promotions worker and, in the event of any significant health concerns arising, oversight from a registered, dual diagnosis nurse. This ensures effective, professional guidance in respect of health profiling, together with the immediate and ongoing health needs of each individual child and young person placed in our care.

Statement of Purpose

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